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Five Minutes To Midnight Project

(Tim Burton of the Liberty GB is a powerful voice and is quickly gaining international demand to share his insights as to the entity called Islam. I am proud to work alongside him and other like-minded Counter Jihadists, in order to combat this threat. Tim is heading up the "Five Minutes to Midnight" Project ~ please donate and support this awareness Group).

Help Tim Burton bring the Truth concerning the evils of Islam to everyone in the West.

Tim Burton is a fluent and charismatic speaker who has spoken eloquently at many counter-jihad rallies and in the media about the evils associated with the political ideology of Islam, which for 1400 years has poisoned the minds of people all over the world and has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of innocents. Currently more than 20 per cent of the world’s population are infected with this twisted ideology – as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, as Winston Churchill once said – and with the current migration crisis in Europe, with millions of Muslims on the move with the specific intention to invade and colonise our Christian countries, bringing with them a myriad of social evils and the prospect of barbaric Sharia law, our civilisation is in peril as never before.

(By “a myriad of social evils" Tim refers to not only to Islamic terrorism, (terrorism carried out predominantly by devout Muslims in the name of Jihad and Islam) which is increasing exponentially with our burgeoning Muslim populations, but also to bigoted and irrational Muslim anti-Semitism, rampant racism and homophobia, honour killings (91 percent of which are committed  worldwide by Muslims) tens of thousands of cases of  FGM inflicted on innocent and defenceless girls, which almost invariably go unprosecuted. 

Why?  Because of political correctness, disproportionate welfare parasitism, disproportionate criminality and over-representation in our prison populations, the undermining of our national institutions – local and national government, the police and criminal justice systems, our military, educational systems, judiciary and so on – by extensive corruption and nepotism, the creation of Muslim no-go areas in our cities and the sexual grooming of our young, vulnerable female population by gangs of predominantly Muslim predators, all of which are smiled upon by Allah, according to the false prophet Muhammad, and explicitly condoned in the Islamic texts of the Koran and Sunnah, aided and abetted by our treasonous and corrupt political elites at the expense of the rest of us.

When it comes to telling the truth about Islam and Islamisation, Tim has an extensive and inspiring track record, and has successfully argued – in court – about some of the more troublesome aspects of Islamic ideology, in particular the doctrine of Taqiyya which allows Muslims to lie about the nature of Islam in order to deceive the non-believers. They may do this even under oath in a court of law, something that very few people realise and which must necessarily have enormous implications for trust between Muslims and the rest of humanity. During the Birmingham Taqiyya Trial of 08 April 2014 at Birmingham Magistrates court, he famously defeated Fiyaz Mughal of Tell Mama UK who was trying to argue that Taqiyya was merely a fantasy of racist, bigoted right-wing “Islamophobes” rather than a component of a comprehensive system of deceitfulness employed by Muslims as a matter of routine whenever the need to preserve the good name of Islam is required.

Tim recently stood as a Parliamentary candidate in the last UK General Election, during which time he realised that the public needs to be properly educated about the evils of Islam and Islamisation.

Our treasonous political elites continue to whitewash and sanitise this satanic cult, calling it a “religion of peace” when it is clearly nothing of the sort. It is in truth a totalitarian political ideology akin to Nazism with an agenda of world domination and it will stop at nothing to achieve its aims – primarily through fear, violence, intimidation and terror – unless we summon the collective will to defeat it. The key to summoning this collective will is through education and understanding.

 The increasing rampant Islamisation of our countries, partly due to the reckless and irresponsible over-breeding of Muslim communities and partly due to the open-borders immigration from third-world Muslim countries, together with the twin evils of political correctness and multiculturalism encouraged by those same treasonous political elites, has progressively endangered our native populations almost to the point of no return. To counter this insidious process, which will inexorably lead to the subjugation and eventual genocide of our native populations if nothing is done, Tim is organising a series of rallies, meetings and demonstrations all over the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and the United States over the course of 2015 / 2016.

Organising these rallies, meetings and demonstrations is a costly business, but Tim is one of the very few people who can broadcast this important message in a way that can be understood by every free man and woman, no matter what their background may be. As Tim himself puts it “The future of our children and grandchildren is too important to be left to politically correct leaders who are on the verge of selling out our hard-won freedoms in favour of a backward, barbaric, misogynistic and quite frankly fascist and totalitarian seventh-century political ideology.”

Please donate whatever you can to help Tim spread the truth concerning the evils of Islam and Islamisation to all free people. The future of our children and grand-children is at stake.

An account of the Birmingham Taqiyya Trial

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

WE Are the EDL

A special thank you to Glen Saffer for this: We will come out on the other side in the sunlight.

(It will be the final one...)

Love and Peace...

Peace Everlasting

In Hoc signo vinces is the Latin translation of a Greek phrase which can be translated as 'in this sign you will conquer' or 'under this symbol you will succeed'. Legend states that this phrase was coined by Emperor Constantine.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Open Letter from the Jewish Defence League of Canada

This letter was penned by Meir Weinstein, National Director for JDL Canada, regarding the Jaffari Center (read enclave)...

The Jewish Defence League of Canada is committed to:
  • the restoration of pride and integrity to the Jewish People
  • the return of Jewish values
  • the reclamation of the Jewish sense of justice, and
  • the abolition of hatred and bigotry

Open Letter to Councillor Sandra Racco, City of Vaughan: Jaffari Centre Concerns

February 27, 2014
Open Letter to Councillor Sandra Racco, City of Vaughan
Re: Thornhill Woods Community Meeting – Lebovic Centre.
I attended the Community Update and Board of Directors Election Meeting on Wednesday February 26, 2014.
During the Q+A, I rose to ask you a question regarding the negative impact on public safety to the existing community which is presented by the proposed Jaffari Centre re-development – a relevant question, which you refused to answer.
Over the past 3 weeks, I have been contacted by many residents of Thornhill Woods who have expressed major concerns about persons from the Jaffari Center blocking driveways and asking residents to use their driveways for overflow parking.  hat was one issue I addressed.
The second issue I asked you about dealt with the anti-Semitic nature of the Jaffari Centre.
You refused to answer my questions.
In refusing to respond, it was suggested that these inquiries were racially motivated and inappropriate.  This is completely untrue, and I consider your response — that as a public official you are limited to issues of “zoning and by-laws”  — to be a deflection of your obligation to properly apprise yourself and understand all the issues that might have a negative impact on the safety and security of our community.
I am deeply concerned that an enlarged Jaffari Centre re-development will lead to a serious increase in antisemitism, and this increase in antisemitism will lead to violence against members of the Jewish community.
Please take the time to review the following information about the Jaffari Center and their associates.
Thank you,
Meir Weinstein
National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada.
Link attachments:
1.    National Post article (Feb.05.2014) titled “Cleric Behind Mosque’s Proposed Condo Project Probed for Hate Crimes in 2012”.
2.    Bus schedule confirming the Jaffari Centre as an active organizational hub regarding the 2012 Al Quds Day rally.
3.    JTA article (Aug. 02, 2013), reporting on the official statement of the Ontario government refusing to grant a permit on the grounds of “public safety”.
4.    ”Jaffari Child Abuse” – Anti-Semitic rant by indoctrinated youth member of the Jaffari Centre.  Is this how good neighbours behave?
5.    Anti-Semitic video rant at 2012 Al Quds rally by speaker Moulana Assad Jaffery who teaches family values at the Jaffari Centre.
6.    Terrorism Information Centre report on the CASMO Jaffari Centre affiliation and the 2011 Al Quds rally, Toronto.
7.    Article in “World Federation of Shia Communities” confirming that Jaffari Centre youth are regularly sent to Iran to be indoctrinated in anti-Semitic propaganda.
-Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua.
-Peter Kent, MP, Thornhill.
-Stephen Blaney, MP, Minister of Public Safety.
-Gila Martow, MPP, Thornhill
-Chief Eric Jolliffe, York Regional Police
-Shimon Fogel, CEO, CIJA
-Frank Dimant, CEO, B’nai B’rith
- See more at:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mendacious Grievance-Mongering Taqqiyya Artist

I imagine Fiyaz Mughal wished he stayed off Twitter that day...

A special Thank you to Mike Holt of Restore Australia for this:

Fiyaz Mughal the Fool

The Mendacious Grievance-Monger-In-Chief at Tell Mama UK, Fiyaz Mughal, receives £214,000 a year from the Government to monitor anti-Muslim attacks in Britain. That is £214,000 of British Taxpayer’s money to assuage the hurt feelings of muslims in (formerly) Great Britain!
Fiyaz Mughal -- Sticks and stones you fool!
Fiyaz Mughal — Sticks and stones you fool!
It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? But this sponger makes a living out of trying to spread public relations gold over the cesspool of islam. If islam was not in the UK morons like Mughal would not be getting rich off the back of the British taxpayer. Nor would he be standing on his two hind legs to bleat about an insult that called him such terrible names as mendacious grievance-mongering taqqiyya-artist, and a lying muslim scumbag.
Poor Fiyaz couldn’t stand such a grievous denigration of his pompous arse, so he has charged Tim Burton  with “racially aggravated harassment”….whatever that means. It’s not against the law to call someone names in the UK….yet…., but if you can change the name to “racially aggravated harassment” it seems you can bring charges.
Well, Fiyaz, how does being called a lying, thieving piece of blood sucker on the benighted British tax payer scum bag sound?
Tim Burton abusing poor little muslims
Tim Burton abusing poor little muslims, protected by his trusty fierce dog. He’s safe. Muslims won’t go near a dog, but they will cut off the heads of innocent soldiers!
Ooooooh! That must have really hurt his ever so sensitive feelings!
But what else can you call someone who creates an organization to defend the indefensible?
How can anyone, except a muslim of course, try to defend the many attacks on peaceful Britains in their own land? A land that has been invaded by brown hordes of muslims fleeing from the countries that they and their nasty little religion islam have destroyed and turned into shit holes?
Who killed Lee Rigby?
Who blew up the London Underground?
Who has created muslim no-go areas throughout Britain?
Who is trying to enforce sharia law over our fabled British Westminster system?
Who is gradually whittling away at the freedoms of western societies all over the world to fulfill their crazy pedophile prophet’s commands to “kill the unbeliever” and “destroy the Jews”?
Only islam and its demented followers, fools like Fiyaz Mughal, would even attempt to defend the “religion of pieces”.
So, here is my advice to Fiyaz Mughal. If you don’t like us calling you names, suck it up! We don’t care what you think.
Go back to the countries you crawled out of and live there. If its so terrible there, go back and change it. The first thing you could do is stop believing in that crazy cult you call islam. It’s not a religion. It’s a hateful, murderous ideology. The fact that billions of people believe the rubbish Muhammed preached just goes to show that billions of people can be fooled into believing anything that promises them unlimited sexual gratification when they die.
Islam is so obviously centered on gratifying the carnal desires of muslim men that it’s laughable. What other religion promises 72 virgins in ‘heaven’? What other religion teaches men to treat women worse than any mangy dog? Only islam. But of course, muslims are incapable of gaining sexual gratification in this life. They are too afraid of women to ever satisfy one!
What woman would want to sleep with Fiyaz Mughal anyway? Look at him. He’s about as appealing as an electric eel in a kindergarten….only I would never let him near a kindergarten. Given the muslim propensity for playing with little children, urged on by their koran and the teachings of their pedophile Muhammed the “Profit”, there is no telling what Fiyaz would do in a kindergarten full of them!
So, Fiyaz Mughal, get out of the UK. You don’t belong there. Stop harassing true British patriots. You don’t deserve to scrape the dog shit off the soles of Tim Burton’s shoes! And shame on the British police and the British government for supporting islam over the wellbeing of British people/ Shame! Shame! Shame!
Oh, and Fiyaz Mughal, if you don’t like being called names, stop acting like an arsehole!

Warrior Song ~ All Versions

The Warrior Song (All Video Versions).

A special H/T to Stanger, American Patriot

Love and Support Our Troops (They do more in one hour than we do all day)

The Warrior Song

I've got the reach and the teeth of a killin’ machine, with a need to bleed you when the light goes green, best believe, I’m in a zone to be, from my yin to my yang to my Yang Tze. 

Put a grin on my chin, come to me, ‘cuz I’ll win, I’m one-of-a-kind and I’ll bring death to the place you’re about to be: another river of blood runnin’ under my feet. 

Forged in a fire lit long ago, stand next to me, you’ll never stand alone. I’m last to leave, but the first to go, Lord, make me dead before you make me old. 

I feed on the fear of the devil inside of the enemy faces in my sights: aim with the hand, shoot with the mind, kill with a heart like arctic ice

I am a Soldier and I’m marching on, I am a warrior and this is my song

I bask in the glow of the rising war, lay waste to the ground of an enemy shore, wade through the blood spilled on the floor, and if another one stands I’ll kill some more. 

Bullet in the breech and a fire in me, like a cigarette thrown to gasoline, if death don’t bring you fear I swear you'll fear these marching feet. 

Come to the nightmare, come to me, deep down in the dark  where the devil be, in the maw with the jaws and the razor teeth, where the brimstone burns and the angel weeps. 

Call to the gods if I cross your path and my silhouette hangs like a body bag; hope is a moment now long past, the shadow of death is the one I cast.

I am a Soldier I’m marching on, I am a warrior and this is my song

I am a Soldier I’m marching on, I am a warrior and this is my song

Now I live lean and I mean to inflict the grief, and the least of me's still out of your reach. The killing machine’s gonna do the deed, until the river runs dry and my last breath leaves. 

Chin in the air with a head held high, I’ll stand in the path of the enemy line. Feel no fear, know my pride: for God and Country I’ll end your life.

I am a Soldier I’m marching on, I am a warrior and this is my song

I am a Soldier I’m marching on, I am a warrior and this is my song

(From the US Air Force:)

(From The US Marines:)

(From the US Army:)

(From The US Navy:)

And, for levity, enjoy this:

Support UNFORGOTTEN HEROS:!home/mainPage

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Goodnight, Chesty, wherever you are...

Friday, February 14, 2014

A message from Paul Weston

This missive is detrimental to you, pay heed, and ensure a legacy for yours.
The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils.” So said Enoch Powell a long time ago, when he predicted mass third world immigration would not only transform Britain from a cohesive and tolerant country, but would also bring with it “rivers of blood.”

We don’t yet have rivers of blood, but history tells us multicultural and multi racial nations can put up with only so much, after which a relatively small incident can lead to horrendous bloodshed and civil war.
A potential civil war based on religious and racial grounds IS a preventable evil, but in Britain today our mainstream politicians appear intent on promoting such an evil, rather than preventing it.
Britain and many European countries already suffer from small scale Islamic atrocities, be they acts of terrorism, the organised gang rape of English girls or simply organised groups of Muslims holding up placards stating “Islam will rule the world” or “behead those who insult Islam”. They are backed up by billions of petro-dollars from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They are backed up by the United Nations, where the 57 Muslim states which make up the Organsiation of Islamic Cooperation, which holds the most powerful bloc vote at the UN.
They are backed up the European Union, which is using mass immigration as a tool to dismantle the Nation States they wish to collectively rule over. They are backed up by our politicians, our media, our educational institutions and by the police – all of whom are terrified of telling the truth about Islam, which is that Islam is a supremacist ideology prepared to utilise violence and terror to achieve a global Caliphate. Islam is most certainly NOT a religion of peace.
In Britain, we have a terrible and growing problem. 40% of Muslims want sharia law, 33% think it is permissible to kill in the name of Islam, and we only have to look around the world today to see these are not idle threats. In Nigeria Muslims are killing Christians. In Sudan Muslims are killing Christians. In Egypt Muslims are killing Christians. In Syria Muslims are killing Christians. And not only Christians, we also see mass killing between Muslims because the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam refuse to live peacefully together.
Yet for reasons known only to themselves, our traitor class of politicians have deliberately imported into this small, Western, Christian country of England, Muslims in such huge numbers that we will see a Muslim majority amongst the young within only a few decades.
A child born today will only be 36 years old by 2050, but Britain in 2050 will be unrecognisable as the country I was born into. The native British as a demographic are old and declining. The Muslims are young and expanding and within just two generations we will see a comparable figure of Muslims and native British aged 25 and under. At this point I fully expect to see the type of violence we are currently reading about in the news every day.
Not one of our politicians will do anything about this. They are interested only in the current election cycle, not the world our children and grandchildren will inherit. They tell us Islam is a religion of peace. The Conservative David Cameron tells us the murder and beheading of Fusilier Lee Rigby was nothing to do with Islam, even though the killers were quoting the Koran as they wielded their butchers knives.
The Liberal Democrat’s Simon Hughes is on video stating he looks forward to the day we have a Muslim Prime Minister. The Labour Party deliberately imported these people because the majority of them live on welfare and therefore vote Labour.
UKIP is also mute on the long term threat of Islam, which is hardly surprising. Nigel Farage lives a very pleasant life. Standing up to Islam brings death threats and an undercover life, not something Mr Farage is prepared to do.
Liberty GB will do something about the Islamic threat, and I believe we are the only credible party in the country to take such a stand. We have been betrayed by our politicians across the entire political spectrum, be it for ideological reasons or just cowardice, and it is high time a political party came to the fore which actually put the interests of the native people before foreigners.
I would like to close by quoting from Alex Henshaw, who was a spitfire test pilot in WWII. Mr Henshaw died only a few years ago, but this is what he had to say about the country he fought for:
“I feel extreme emotional sadness for the young men I knew that gave their lives willingly for a cause in which we all believed. And I often say to myself that if those young boys would come down now and walk through the villages, through the towns and through the cities and look around and see what is happening to us, they would say somewhere along the line we have been betrayed.”

Yes, Mr Henshaw, you have been betrayed. And the traitor class of today’s politicians have not only betrayed your generation, but they are currently betraying tomorrow’s generation which will somehow have to cope with a Britain resembling Mogadishu rather than Surbiton.

Democracy and freedom are not the personal possessions of cowardly politicians to be handed away, without our agreement, to the descendants of a 7th century desert warlord, who view our attachment to democracy and peace as weaknesses to be used against us.

I do not blame Islam. Fundamentalist Muslims are just doing what it says in their book.
But I do blame our politicians. There are two sides in this civilisational stand-off, and our politicians have sided with the enemy.

You can make a difference. You can vote for Liberty GB in May’s EU elections. You can support us, join us or simply donate money to us. Liberty GB is a party that cares not just about today, but the country our children and grandchildren will inherit in decades to come.

Don’t let them have to fight for their very lives in 2050 because there was insufficient political will to peacefully deal with Islam today. Please vote Liberty GB. My name is Paul Weston. Thank You. (My honourable mention from George Whale)

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Please ~ do not forget to donate, this is imperative.